Beta Tester

Thank you for your interest in being a beta tester.  Below is the information I will need from you.

I need your device ID number.  This can be found in iTunes.

Plug you device in and click on your SUMMARY page. Here it lists your device name, capacity, version and serial number.

If you click on the words “Serial Number” it will change to your Device ID number.

Once it changes to the UDID number all you have to do is copy it.  Just hit control + C if you are on windows. or Command + C on a mac

This will copy your number to your clipboard.


Then paste it into an email in the body copy and send it to


Alternatively  you can download a app from the app store.  There are many FREE apps named  “UDID”.  Anyone should be fine.  they will get the same number and put it into an email.



I will contact you when new versions of a app is ready and you will be able to install the app directly from there.  Thank you for you help and if you have any questions please email me at the above address and I will be happy to help.